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fake it until you make it?

Ugh, the amount to which I do not feel ready for tomorrow's 200k: large.

It's flat, it should be fast, I'd originally sort of hoped to sub-10hr it, but I do not have nearly enough miles in my legs, and I feel old. Maybe it's just the winter and the cold I had and the amount that derailed my training, maybe I need to recheck my thyroid prescription, maybe it's just the end of a long stressful work week with poor sleep, maybe it'll be fine.

Blah. I expect I'll feel better on the road, once I wake up, and this post will feel silly.

It's a good reminder to me next winter, at least: do more speedwork. Time tooling around on the Brompton with studded tires helped keep my endurance OK but my speed is abysmal. I felt AWESOME last Thursday/Friday doing back-to-back speedwork on the spin bike, but it evaporated again.

And having to change a slow-leak flat tire tonight after taking the studs off the Brompton earlier this week didn't help. Ow, my poor hands. I'm bonky and in pain and tired and I haven't STARTED the ride yet. (Dinner should kick in and fix one of those, shortly.)

My rims are the only thing about my Seven I'm not thrilled with; I want to be able to pick my tires based on liking them, not being able to get them on. I only changed one, not both, because there's only so much stress I can deal with, and my hands already hurt; the rear can keep its noisy Grand Bois for now. I wanted to like the GB wundertires, but they are SO NOISY and don't grip well in snow and wet. Hopefully putting on at least one Conti means that the roads will be bone-dry. :)

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